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…and I envision a world of wellness full of healthier individuals who’s lives are free from all ailments that arise from poor oral health and Myofunctional Disorders. A simple smile can change a life, you deserve a lifetime of health, happiness and smiles.”


“Smiles Are Free But They Are Worth A Lot…

 Meet Camille Savory, RDH, OMT

Camille Savory is a licensed Oral Health Care Professional who has completed extensive educational and clinical preparation in preventative oral health care..
Camille graduated with a diploma in Dental Hygiene from Oxford College and received a Luminary Award for her outstanding commitment in 2007. Her goal is to help individuals in her community achieve better oral health care habits and access to dental care. Her passion for the profession, her commitment and focused care has led her to open CamCare Oral Health in the Spring of 2015.

Preventative Dental Care is a great combination of making positive contributions to someone’s health, you can now receive all of your dental hygiene services directly by a registered dental hygienist.  Be relaxed in a comfortable environment, not rushed and scheduled in the time that works for you.  This is ideal for the elderly, families with busy schedules and even the professional who wants personalized care.

Self-care is so much more than treating teeth; it’s about building connections, educating people about the interplay between the health of their body and their mouth and helping them achieve wellness. It’s about changing her patients’ lives one smile at a time!

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